Recomandare serial (2016) ”Monster”

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Recomandare serial (2016) ”Monster” Empty Recomandare serial (2016) ”Monster”

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Recomandare serial (2016) ”Monster” XO5QMLT

Descriere în engleză:
At the top of society’s pecking order is the “noblesse oblige,” a group of excellent natural leaders who belong in the ruling class. Then there are the “monsters,” those who exploit the weak and cruelly do whatever it takes to get to the top. Lee Gook Chul (Kang Ji Hwan) was born into a life of privilege as the heir of a major hospital. But during the IMF crisis of the late 1990s, he loses everything and almost loses his life when those he trusted betray him. At his lowest point in life, Gook Chul realizes that he has been a monster to others in his earlier life. Gook Chul takes on a new identity as Kang Ki Tan and embarks on a mission of revenge against all those who have wronged him. Oh Soo Yeon (Sung Yuri), who works at the lawyer's office during the day and goes to the law school at night, gets caught up in Ki Tan’s life as she tries to protect him from harm. Can Ki Tan return to his rightful place among the demons of the elite class? “Monster” is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Joo Sung Woo.

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